Science With Practice (SWP)

A Learning and Work Experience Program in Research and Related Laboratories Iowa State University

Science With Practice is a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences experiential learning and work program for undergraduate students in agriculture. Students work closely with faculty and staff on specific projects and/or work assignments, earn money and earn academic credit while fulfilling work responsibilities. SWP is funded by the ISU Agricultural Endowment Board and the Dean of the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. If you wish to participate in SWP, please complete our registration form (pdf) or contact the Science With Practice Team at

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Science With Practice Team                                                                    Poster Presentations

SWP Director
Mike Retallick
206A Curtiss Hall
Tel: 515-294-4810
FAX: 515-294-0530
SWP Graduate Students
Liz Sample
223A Curtiss Hall
SWP Administrative Assistant
Sara Lundvall
201A Curtiss Hall
Tel: 515-294-1106
FAX: 515-294-0530
Megan Talley
223A Curtiss Hall

B. Mordhorst Presentation J. Garden Presentation J. Place Presentation