Field Experiences

Field Experiences

Dr. Kathleen Hunt serves as the AgEdS Professional Internship Supervisor. In this capacity, she coordinates and supervises student internships for ag communications students (AgEdS 412) as well as the early field experiences (EFEs) for ag industries and agencies which includes ag communications (211C).  Mr. Ben Chamberlain supervises student internships for agricultural studies students. Dr. Scott Smalley coordinates and serves as the instructor of record for the teacher education (high schools) EFE (AgEdS 211A).

Policies and procedures differ for each section. 

Detailed information for AgEdS 211 A (Teacher Education)
Detailed information for AgEdS 211C Handbook (Ag Industries, agencies, Extension and communications)

412 Manual_April 2016   Student Contract for AgEdS 412.docx


AgEdS 116. Initial Field Experience in Agricultural Education
(1-2) Cr. 1. F. Prereq: AGEDS majors only. Field experience in a formal education setting designed to explore teaching as a career through guided observation and interviews, reflection, and on-campus dialogue. The course is facilitated by Dr. Michael Retallick and meets the second eight weeks of the fall semester. It is designed for just entering and with a interest in potentially being an agriculture teacher.

AgEdS 211: Early Field-Based Experience
(1-0) Cr. 1 each time course is taken; maximum of 3 credits. F.S.SS. Prereq: 110. Five days (5) on-site in an agricultural setting observing competencies and issues in problem solving, decision-making, initiative taking, teamwork, leadership, written / visual communications, verbal communications, active listening, critical thinking, and creativity. Experiences may be completed in High School Agriculture programs, Extension programs, or Agricultural Industries and Agencies.

AgEdS 412. Internship in Agricultural Education and Studies
Cr. 2 to 6 each time taken; maximum of 6 credits; 2 to 12 weeks. F.S.SS. Prereq: 211, permission of instructor. A supervised learning experience in an approved learning setting with application to educational, agricultural and/or environmental practices and principles. Non-major graduate credit.(412 Manual_April 2016)

Teacher Education Early Field based Experiences

Dr. Greg Miller is the coordinator of Pre-Student Teaching Experience in Agricultural Education.

AgEdS 416. Pre-Student Teaching Experience in Agricultural Education
Cr. 1. F.S. Prereq: 211, 402 and admission to teacher education program. A one-week field-based experience in an approved secondary agricultural education program. Concurrent enrollment in 417 is required. Non-major graduate credit.

Dr. Scott Smalley is the coordinator of Supervised Teaching in Agricultural Education. 

AgEdS 417. Supervised Teaching in Agricultural Education Programs
Cr. 12. F.S. Prereq: 211, 402 and admission to teacher education program. Supervised teaching in public schools. Non-major graduate credit. NOTE: EFE (AgEdS 211) is still required prior to taking AgEdS 416 and 417.