Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Your college experience begins with finding the right major. One that sparks your interests, builds on your talents and leads you to the career you've always wanted. A major in the Agricultural Education and Studies department prepares you for a career in the exciting world of agriculture. Students transferring from another college or university are encouraged to contact us in advance to create a plan of courses that will meet Iowa State University degree requirements. Transfer students should review the current course equivalency guides and transfer plans.

Resources for all undergraduate students.

Agricultural Studies

Agricultural Studies covers the broad spectrum of agriculture and life sciences with the flexibility for you to customize the major to pursue your career goals. With all the flexibility, you could choose an area of emphasis such as farm management, agronomy and crop production, agricultural law, agricultural systems and technology, or international agriculture. With a solid background in agriculture and life sciences, you are prepared for a career in many areas of agriculture from production agriculture to extension to agribusiness. The quality and flexibility of the program make this a popular major for incoming high school students as well as transfer students from community colleges. Some of the courses required for this major may be taken online.

Curriculum & Four Year Plans

Curriculum Club: Farm Operations Club

The Farm Op Club gives students many non classroom opportunities for personal growth. In this club students develop leadership skills, enjoy social activities, and build lasting relationships with students and faculty. Business meetings are held once a month and include programs on various topics such as commodity groups, government agriculture programs, production agriculture, as well as job opportunities in agriculture. The Farm Operation Club offers scholarships each year to students within the curriculum who demonstrate high academic achievement, leadership skills, as well as service activities. Dues are $20/per year and meetings are once a month on Thursday evenings. Club Advisors are Ben Chamberlain 515-294-4655 (318 Curtiss Hall) and Robert Frutchey 515-294-8802 (223 Curtiss Hall)

Curriculum Club: Professional Agriculture Student Organization (PAS)

Club Adviser is Nate Dobbels 515-294-5009 (318 Curtiss Hall)

Agriculture & Life Sciences Education

Agriculture and Life Sciences Education combines food, agriculture, and life sciences with social sciences and communications. Some students choose the teacher certification option while others choose the communications option. Graduates enter a variety of agricultural careers that include working with people in agriculture, such as education, extension, agribusiness and public agencies.

Curriculum & Four Year Plan Certification/Communications

The department offers a minor in Agriculture& Life Sciences Education which may be earned by completion of a minimum of 15 credits, with a minimum of two courses at the 400 level. Courses that can be taken for a minor are 211, 310, 311, 315, 402, 412 or 418, 414, 450, 490, 496, and 499.


Curriculum Club: Agricultural Education Club

The Agricultural Education Club is a professional leadership development organization for students with an interest in how education impacts agriculture. The purpose of this organization centers on the development of decision-making, cooperation, and leadership skills. The Agricultural Education Club helps students become better qualified for their careers through participation in professional and social activities, as well as give ample opportunity to get to know fellow future leaders in agriculture. Dues are $20/year an business meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm and include programs on various topics such as agriculture intern experiences, Extension and/or student teaching experiences, commodity groups, government agriculture programs, and international agriculture as well as job opportunities in agriculture. It is affiliated with the National Association of Agriculture Educators, Iowa Association of Agricultural Educators, Alpha Tau Alpha National Honorary Fraternity, and work with American Association of Agricultural Educators. Club Advisor is Dr. Scott Smalley, 515-294-0047


Curriculum Club: Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow Club

The ACT Club purpose is to: (A) encourage interest and relationships in agricultural communications; (B) advance the interchange of ideas among students and faculty and with other ACT chapters; and (C) establish contacts through the organization, along with other communication organizations. Dues are $25/year and meetings are determined by the officers. It is affiliated with the National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow and will seek a close relationship with all communications organizations. Club Advisors are Virginia Hanson, 515-294-6145 and Dr. Katie Hunt, 515-294-8943.


International Agriculture - Secondary Major

The International Agriculture Secondary Major provides students with a global perspective. Students will prepare for careers overseas or for careers in the United States with multinational companies and agencies like the Foreign Agricultural Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture or the U.S. Agency for International Development.