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Graduate Programs

Join us in our pursuit of excellence in Agricultural Education. We invite you to explore our programs and get in touch.

The Agricultural Education and Studies Department is known for the quality and diversity of its program, faculty, and students. Faculty members represent a diverse set of agricultural education interests and perspectives. They are involved in a variety of state, national, and international research and development efforts. Significant scholarly work is being conducted in a number of areas and the department is widely recognized for its research programs in teaching-learning processes. Research focus areas include experiential learning, life-long learning, educational evaluation, and communication technologies. Our Graduate Faculty members can serve on Program of Study Committees for graduate students: Acker, Cooper, Dollisso, Grudens-Schuck, Hartmann, Martin, Masambuka-Kanchewa, Miller, Qu, Retallick, Rinker, Smalley, and Tidgren. Select “People” in the upper Menu.