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Master of Science - Teacher Certification Option

This degree program in Agricultural Education offers students the opportunity to earn a Master of Science degree and acquire a teaching certificate. The program is designed to meet the needs of those individuals with a B.S. degree in some field of agriculture who desire to teach agriculture at the secondary level and earn a Masters Degree in Agricultural Education. The program cannot be completed by distance education.

The program is viewed as a practitioner’s program oriented strongly toward improving the candidate’s professional proficiency and status. The program includes courses and educational experiences that enhance the candidate’s skills and knowledge in the processes of teaching and learning. All graduate students in the teacher certification option must earn two credits for a creative component. The required creative component for this option is the student teaching portfolio. The portfolio is designed to document your achievement of the Iowa Teaching Standards. The portfolio will include a self assessment with reflection and documentation of accomplishments. Graduate students will highlight their accomplishments and answer questions posed by their program of study committee during their final oral examination.

Each student’s record will be reviewed to determine if they meet specific requirements for teacher education and licensure. Students may be required to take undergraduate courses to correct deficiencies. Information about teacher education at Iowa State University is available at:

Program of Study Requirements

Program Requirements Required Course or Equivalent Credits
Program Planning AGEDS 501 3
Instructional Methods AGEDS 502 3
Introduction to Research AGEDS 510 3
Foundations of Agricultural Education AGEDS 550 3
Early Field Experience AGEDS 590B 2
Creative Component AGEDS 599 2
Student Teaching AGEDS 517 2
Technology in Learning & Teaching EDUC 505 3
Multicultural Education EDUC 506 3
Teaching Students with Exceptionalities SpED 501 3
Educational Psychology & the Secondary Classroom EDUC 529 3
Total Required Credits   30
Required Undergraduate Course Required Course or Equivalent Credits
Developmental Psychology PSYCH 230 3

Note: 22 credits must be earned at Iowa State University.

The master's POS committee in Agricultural Education consists of at least three members of the graduate faculty.  It must include two members, including the major professor, from the major or program.  ​

Admission Procedures

Before applying for admission, students are encouraged to acquaint themselves with the Department of Agricultural Education and Studies. Contact any of our faculty and staff at anytime with questions. It is important that your educational goals and interests align with the expertise and focus areas of the department. If you decide that one of our programs would help you to achieve your personal and professional goals, we cordially invite you to apply for admission. Directions for admission that are outlined on the Internet at:

Admission Requirements

The components listed below will be uploaded into the Office of Admissions portal. 

Key components of the application for admission include:

  • Application form. There is a “Statement of Purpose” section on the application form. Guide for writing statement of purpose (pdf).
  • Three letters of reference.
    Note: At least one letter of recommendation should be from a university professor. Ask your university
    references to comment on your past academic performance, potential to succeed in graduate school,
    character and work habits, and whether or not they believe that a graduate program in Agricultural
    Education/Professional Agriculture is consistent with their knowledge of your personal and professional
    goals. It is recommended that the other two letters be from professionals in education or business and
    industry who are familiar with your overall abilities and goals. Ask references to be specific and identify
    factors that will help the admissions committee make an appropriate admissions decision. Please do not
    ask friends and relatives to submit reference letters. When you add your recommenders and their email addresses to the Docfinity system, they will receive a link to upload their recommendation letter directly into the Docfinity system and your application.
  • An official transcript from all schools attended after high school.
  • A resume or vita.
  • International students must meet the Graduate College English Proficiency requirement as described in the following document:

Application Deadlines

March 15 - Deadline for persons desiring admission in the following summer or fall semester.

October 15 - Deadline for persons desiring admission for the following spring semester.