Nancy Grudens-Schuck

Associate Professor
Dr. Nancy Grudens-Schuck


70% teaching and advising
30% research and extension


  • AgEdS 311: Presentation Strategies 

Utilizing instructional methods, techniques, and problem solving, presentation and sales strategies with agricultural audiences.

  • AgEdS 414Developing Agricultural Education Programs in Non-Formal Settings

Basic concepts in planning, conducting, and evaluating educational programs in non-formal settings. Includes programming for youth and adults in Extension, agricultural industry, and related agencies.

  • AgEdS 524: Program Development and Evaluation in Agricultural and Extension Education 

​​Theories and practice of program planning for nonformal education. Addresses use of program logic modeling and considers critical theories of planning to address power and interests in program development, needs assessment, and evaluation.

  • AgEdS 568x: Qualitative Interviews and Analysis

Understanding the role of interviews in agricultural education research, basis for theory of meaning, and variations of interview technique among qualitative traditions. Development of facilitation technique for individual interviews; and focus groups. Transcription and basic qualitative analysis. Use of interview findings to prepare manuscripts.

Research and Extension

My focus area is evaluation systems for teaching and learning within the context of agricultural education-construed broadly. My specialty areas for methodology are qualitative program evaluation, participatory evaluation, and participatory action research. I work within the contexts of sustainable agriculture and democratic, community-based approaches to natural resource management.

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Grudens-Schuck, N. (2000). A qualitative study of the influence of farm leaders' ideas on a sustainable agriculture education program. Paper presented at 27th National Agricultural Education Research Conference, San Diego, CA.

Area of Expertise: 
Agricultural Education
Ph.D. (1998) Cornell University
Office: 515-294-0894 FAX: 515-294-0530
217D Curtiss Hall
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa