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Scott Smalley

Scott Smalley

  • Associate Professor
  • Teacher Education Coordinator
Dr. Scott Smalley, an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural Education and Studies at Iowa State University, serves at the agricultural education teacher education coordinator. Prior to joining the faculty at Iowa State, Dr. Smalley was a faculty member at South Dakota State University and a high school agricultural educator.

The focus of his research is on pre-service and in-service teacher preparation and development. Areas of study include early field experience, early and mid-career teachers and teaching and learning in the classroom.

Contact Info

217 Curtiss Hall


  • B.S. Michigan State University, 2001
  • M.S. Iowa State University, 2006
  • Ph.D. Iowa State University, 2011

More Information

Courses Taught

● AgEdS 211: Early Field Experiences

● AgEdS 310: Foundation of Agricultural Education

● AgEdS 401/501: Planning Agricultural Education Programs

● AgEdS 520: Instructional Methods for Adult and Higher Education


Peer Reviewed Publications

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