Undergraduate Student Resources

Academic Advising Mission & Outcomes (pdf)
Agricultural Studies Curriculum Degree Sheets
Agricultural Communications Curriculum Degree Sheets
Agricultural Life Sciences Education Curriculum Degree Sheets

Academic Success Center (tutoring, supplemental instruction, academic counseling)
Student Disability Resources
   AgEdS Student Disability Resources Liaison: Dr. Nancy Grudens-Schuck: ngs@iastate.edu 
Student Counseling Service
Transfer Student/Course Information (transfer plans and course equivalency) 

Schedule of Classes
Academic Calendar
Financial Aid
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Scholarships
ISU Catalog
U.S. Diversity Course Requirements
International Perspectives Course Requirements
Agronomy Minor Requirements (pdf)

Resources for transfer students:

Students transferring from another college or university are encouraged to contact us in advance to create a plan of courses that will meet Iowa State University degree requirements. Transfer students should review the current course equivalency guides and transfer plans.

Resources for AgEdS 110 students:

AgEdS Student Handbook Fall 2019 (pdf)