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Agricultural Communication

The agricultural communication major provides students with critical knowledge and skills to be effective agricultural communicators. Graduates will communicate about agricultural science with diverse audiences within and outside the agricultural sector locally, nationally, and globally, using various communication channels and tools.

Students build a foundational knowledge of agricultural sciences such as animal science, horticulture, agronomy, agricultural and rural policy studies, global resource systems, food science and human nutrition, and agricultural business. They become proficient at using various communication channels and tools as well as the application of communication strategies for communicating with audiences within and outside the agricultural sector. These include: identifying and building trust with target audiences; creating strategic written, oral, and digital messages; identifying agriculturally related issues and framing agricultural messaging strategically; marketing and promoting agricultural technology and innovation to diverse audiences; and embracing diversity and differences within agriculture.

Agricultural communication students have a skill set that enables them to be versatile in their career choices, pursuing work in public policy, agricultural extension, agri-business, non-profit sectors, commodity groups, agricultural cooperatives, education, research, publishing, sales, media, and agency work.

 Agricultural Communication Placement Information