Ben Chamberlain

Academic Adviser III
Departmental Coordinator of Advising
ben chamberlain

Ben Chamberlain coordinates academic advising for the department, advises Agricultural Studies and Agriculture and Life Sciences Education - Communications Option students, teaches AGEDS 110, 215 and 412, coordinates the AGEDS Learning Community, advises the Farm Operations club and assists in various other roles related to his position. Ben is a 1999 ISU Agricultural Studies graduate.  He earned a graduate certificate in Academic Advising from Kansas State (July, 2004) and a M.S. degree in Student Personnel Services in Higher Education from Kansas State (July, 2004).  Prior to joining the department in 2011, Ben worked in real estate sales in Central Iowa.  In addition to work at ISU, Ben is actively involved in a family farming operation in northwest Illinois.

Area of Expertise: 
Agricultural Studies
Student Development
Academic Advising
B.S. (1999) Agricultural Studies, Iowa State University
M.S. (2004) Student Personnel Services in Higher Education, Kansas State University
Graduate Certificate (2004) Academic Advising, Kansas State University
Office: 515-294-4655 FAX: 515-294-0530
513 Farm House Lane 201 Curtiss Hall
Iowa State University
Ames, Iowa